Peace Within micro BOOKSTORE

30% of proceeds donated to a local woman-centered nonprofit 

These are the books we love to recommend to our clients.  If they are on this page then they are client approved! If you have a recommendation for our bookstore, click here and put "Bookstore" in the subject line. With many thanks!

A LIberated Mind.jpg
Fair Play.jpg
Instructions to the Cook.jpg
Women Don't Ask.webp
Healing Grief.jpg
This Fragile Life.jpg
Emotional Blackmail.jpg
Codependent No More.jpg
Peace Is Every Step.webp
Search for Meaning.jpg
Nervous Energy.jpg
Necessary Losses.jpeg
Wired for Love.jpg
Whole Brain Child.jpg
Attachent Theory Workbook.webp
Good Mood Kitchen.webp
Body Positivity.jpg
Overcoming Underearning.webp
Adrenal Fatigue.jpg